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HR Management for Line Managers | Nov 9, 2023

HR Management for Line Managers

Online Workshop (8 hours) | November 9,2023 (Thursday)

Building your HR Competencies

This Leadership Workshop for line supervisors and managers (as well as new HR Supervisors) uses the HR Management Strategy Modeldeveloped by Atty Hector V Hernandez, JD, DPM over many years of his actual experience as HR Leader of many organizations both local, multinational and international in both profit and not for profit. The idea that the line manager is actually an HR manager in his or her workplace makes the former truly an HR business partner that most CEOs now require at this difficult time of the pandemic.


  1. Understand the specific roles the real HR manager is confronted on a day to day basis;
  2. Clarify the different HR functions that line manager must actively be involved to ensure strong employee engagement on the ground;
  3. Outline the step by step process using the HR Management Strategy Model;
  4. Submit a mini innovation HR project to immediate superior be implemented upon return in the workplace.


  • Day 1 AM
  • Day 1 PM
  1. Introduction: Overview of the HR Management Strategy Model
  • Talent attraction and selection: Hiring the “right fit”
    • Reviewing the job/competency profile
    • Source applicants
      • Internal – using the job posting policy
      • External – dealing with head hunters
    • Run Competency based recruitment process
    • Prepare fair job offer to the “right talent”
  • Deployment and integration: Onboarding the new person
    • Assess competencies
      • Leverage on strengths
      • Develop “need to improve” areas
    • Start coaching and follow up
    • Draft initial SMART targets
  • Performance management Process: Measuring employee performance
  • Finalize SMART targets
    • Monitor/ provide regular feedback
    • Use Competency-based Performance Management Process
  • If employee meets expectations or targets
  • Retention planning: Rewarding & recognizing
    • Pay for performance
      • Compensation philosophy: @target percentile of market
    • Introduce formal and informal recognition programs
    • Implement talent development program
    • Set “stretch” goals for “high performers”
    • Continue coaching and follow up
    • Check ins
    • Individual Development Planning: Competency-based Individual Plan Using 70-20-10 formula leads to role expansion, increase competency or change position/Job rotate
      • On the job (70%)
        • Project/task forces
        • Committee work
      • Self-learning (20%)
      • Formal coursework (10%)
  • Consequence Management: If employee does not meet expectations or targets
  • Performance improvement plan:  Performance Improvement Planning leads to Career Counselling
    • Agree on specific action plans
      • Formal
      • Periodic
    • Continue coaching and follow up


Atty Hector V Hernandez, JD, DPM will utilize case discussions and management games to extract personal learnings during the workshop. By end of the workshop, the learner is able to fully comprehend the HR Management Strategy Model and be able to develop specific HR plans to effectively implement back on the job.

Resource Person

Atty Hector has solid HR and management experiences in local, multinational and international organizations spanning several continents with over 35 years as line and HR manager.  He currently teaches Human Capital Development subjects both at the Graduate and Undergraduate School of Education and Development SED at the University of Asia and the Pacific UA&P, Ortigas, Metro Manila. He is also President of Advanced CompetencyDev Center Inc or ACCI Philippines (Please see ACCIPhilippines.com website for more information.)

Investment cost for only PHP 5,000 + 12% VAT. ACCI provides a 10% discount for 3 or more participants coming from the same company or group of companies

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