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Competency Design

Competency Design

Aligning Competencies with Business Strategy

Why do you need Competency Design for your company?

Competency Design is your catalyst for achieving a deeper level of awareness and understanding, empowering your company to achieve exceptional growth and success.

Navigating Workplace Performance Disparities

The statement “In every job, some people perform more effectively than others” acknowledges the reality of individual differences in performance within any given workplace. This may be due to a range of factors including experience, skills, personality traits, and work ethic. Acknowledging and managing these differences is an important part of effective workforce management.

Task performance behavior focus

While previous experience performing a task can be beneficial, it is not always an accurate indicator of future performance. Instead, it is more valid to focus on the behaviors required to successfully complete the task at hand. This means identifying and prioritizing the specific skills, competencies, and work habits that are essential to achieving the desired outcome. By emphasizing these key behaviors, employers can help ensure that employees are set up for success and are better equipped to perform their job duties effectively.

Past behavior predicts future behavior

The principle is based on the idea that an individual’s past behaviors and actions are strong indicators of how they are likely to behave and perform in the future. By analyzing an individual’s past behaviors and actions, competency designers can identify the specific competencies and behavioral indicators that are most relevant to the individual’s role and responsibilities.

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